6 Excellent Ideas for a USA Road Trip in the Summer

The idea of a road trip is heavily engrained in American culture, with groups of friends trekking across the vast expanses of the USA and visiting amazing places together.
With the USA being such a large country, it seems an impossible feat to determine what is worthy of your time and what isn’t. You may be travelling in your RV or you may use car rental services, but we’ll show you 6 excellent ideas for your next road trip on this list below.

Hill Country

To start of the list, we have Hill Country in San Antonio.
It is a region that is well known for its karst topography and towering rugged hills. These hills feature limestone and granite chunks at heights of 400-500ft compared to the surrounding valleys.

This could be an excellent stop off on your road trip.

The Loneliest Road

The Loneliest Road, also known as US