The Best 5 Luxurious Hotels In The USA

An individual can visit any of the different states in America. Your visit may be either a business trip or a vacation with your family. You would need to find a hotel where you can stay in during the period. There are also various service providers like rental24h who may make your visit better. The country boasts of a stream of luxurious hotels that are found in different states. Some of the best luxurious hotels you may spend your may consider include: 


If you are visiting Lanai city and are a beach lover, this would be a perfect choice for you. The resort is located at the Hulopoe Bay. It’s at the front of the Pacific ocean granting visitors an ocean view. The hotel has beautiful gardens and the best customer service. 

When staying at the hotel, you can enjoy different outdoor activities like hiking and deep sea fishing. The rooms have private patios which guarantee maximum safety. They are also fitted with top-notch amenities and free WIFI. You will find your room equipped with 75- inch flat TV where you can enjoy watching different things. There are several restaurants in the resort. It also has a spa and golf course for its visitors. 


The hotel is situated in an estate at South Carolina. The region is naturally beautiful having several rivers and a salty breeze. The hotel is a classical design with over 50 cottage suits.

The place is an excellent choice for a romantic stay. The rooms are fitted with large flat screen TVs and free WIFI. The rooms are spacious and have fireplaces. The luxurious features include the walk-in shower and spa. It has an advanced fitness center and swimming pools for adults. Visitors can use golf carts to move around the property. 


This is one of the luxurious hotels in Chicago. The rooms have premium finishes and are large enough. They have a branch also in Beverly Hills located in a beautiful region. Their rooms have WIFI connections and luxurious fittings. There are several bars in the hotels, and you may also enjoy your evening tea at the lounges. 

It’s the best idea if you need maximum privacy. The gardens are well made and beautiful. If you have kids, you may pay a fee for them to participate in the various activities at the hotel. Enjoy the friendly staff at the hotels as they ensure you have the best services. 


This is one of the best high-end hotels you can get in Washington DC. The designs have a French-American taste. In the hotel, the room services are available for 24-hours a day. It has a fitness center and a spa.

The rooms have a free WIFI connection and have TVs. If you love reading, there are plenty of books in the library. The policies of the hotel allow their visitors to stay with their pet but at a cost. Jefferson resort is a walking distance to the White House.


The resort has over 200 rooms with a classical Spanish touch. The hotel is on the Del Mar hills which gives it an outstanding look. The rooms are large enough and are fitted with WIFI connection. They have a 24-hour gymnasium and room services. Once you are staying at the resort, you will be able to enjoy the best and luxurious spa in the region. The hotel has an 18-hole golf course for its visitors. 


It would be fun spending the best moments at these luxurious hotels. Their rates are also incredible and would not leave a dent in your pocket. Ensure you visit different service providers like rental24h to assist you in sorting out the various services you need. It may be cheaper and convenient than using taxis. Ensure you enjoy your stay and visit in the different regions in the United States.